(Ev is back home, and feels the inclination to waffle...)
Summer is in full swing in the Capital, and that can only mean one thing:  Blocks of Line to complete important work.  As well as the commissioning of the double track to Waikanae, the big job this Xmas season is the lowering of the tunnels on the Pukerua Bank.  And while this is going on, it means all freight is being diverted through the Wairarapa to the tune of roughly 6 trains a day.

Now, for a Hutt Valley-ite like me that is pure heaven....just a quick wander down to my local station to capture some heavy duty freight action, although trying to take pictures is an exercise in frustration;  The Photographers Mantra of "Height, Height and still more Height!" doesn't work here, as all you end up with is lots of overhead wire and posts in the photos.  The train in Question is F16 which for the previous 3 days has been triple headed.  In fact, Amicus still has it with 5074/5114/7064 at the front....but as the pics below show, that wasn't quite what I got....
Seems like I wasnt the only Nutter about....signalling enthusiast and website owner David Castle lining up his shot.
7267 and 7239 north on F16 through Epuni station.
A friendly wave for the gathered foamers....
....and gone.
Finally, heres my own personal "oops!" for the day.  I was hoping to get B29Y at Ava, but my camera had one of those "You want me to do WHAT???" moments......a bit of noticeable shutter lag, methinks! 5097 and 5108 BTW.

Still, a good chance to go gooning in my own backyard (better than being in the office!)  Plus its a stinking hot day out there, the heat alarms at Woburn have gone off, for Gawds sake...

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