I had 4191 on the front of 526 the other day, and loved every rattly, bouncy, wobbly, uncomfortable moment of it. I dont often get to drive DC's any more, and bouncing around for a few hours in that poor excuse for a tin can  just reminds me how grateful I am that I spend 90% of my time in bigger locos.
Of course I just HAD to get a photo of her, the old girl now seriously in the twilight of her career. As the Chinese invade our shores these old warriors will  start to disappear...
Not to be outdone, there were more old locos at hand, but at least these ones dont rattle and bounce and shake quite as much, and have a ton more leg room! ( not to mention pulling power ).
5097 and 5051 came up on 520 and had been serviced and prepped for running 523 south in the afternoon.

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