...for it has been 21 days since my last confession...

After being flattened with a bad case of tonsillitus we packed up the tribe and headed south to the In Laws for 10 days of R+R, where it promptly snowed!!
Snow on the hills directly across the road from the farmhouse!
Be that as it may, I spent the week helping my father in law paint his boat.
Matai has given us many hours of enjoyment cruising the sounds with the family, so a week sanding and painting was no drama at all...

I also had some very successfull evenings up the back of the farm hunting pigs, the best being 7 shot in one night!!

But sadly we had to return back to the real world, holiday is over and I am back at work tomorrow....

Got pulled up at Marton on 535 today and had to wait for 201 to trundle past.
535 today...
201 trundles past..
I had to go to Te Aroha last friday for family buisness, so I managed to get some foamin in along the way. A big big thank you to Ev for all his help :)