More and more "Made In China" keeps showing up every day, and today was no exception. We had our first IAB come in, and while the paint looks familiar, the design is something very different from the more traditional locally made stuff. Below is a slideshow of snapshots taken today... 
And this post could not be complete without a couple of random photos...
An old poster we found a while back...
Old tampers in the back road at Palmy many moons ago.
I have worked 9 days straight, I have one more to go then 1 day off followed by 4 more and then I get a 4 day break!
Madness I tell ya!! (must be milk season)

After several attempts at writing a post following the tantrum that the computer threw last week, toys were thrown and sulk mode was activated in quick succession. 10 days on and the ol' PC seems as stable as a rock so I will strike while the goings good..... 
526 with three DC's on the front.
I guess there is a bit to catch up on, so I will start with the current power allocated to run 526..... 3 DC's!! 
Yes its true, as per the loco allocation sheet, 526 has run every day this week with a ratbag lashup of DC's 4231, 4041 and 4058. Last week 4064 was on the front prior to 4231.
I really couldnt believe it. I Got to Kai Iwi last Monday morning and lo and behold, not 1 or 2, but 3 old dungers gracing the front of my 526 ! Woot lol.
And seeing as tho I spend 90% of my time driving nice quiet (in the cab) DXB's, having to fight my way through the rust and cobwebs of the old girl on the pointy end was a bit of a shock. Gee did that DC feel OLD - 100% as rebuilt straight out of 1979 (apart from the radio).
It was all good though, as the sweet sound of three naturally aspirated 12 cylinder 645's reverberating off the hills was just music to the ears :-)

Long may it continue!
I also missed a primo chance to get a photo of freshly repainted DC 4692! It had been raining all night and was raining when I left the depot, so I thought it pointless taking my camera with me and left it behind. 
Well bugger me if the sun wasnt shining gloriously at Stratford, and there bathing in the sweet morning light was an eye burningly fresh 4692.... 
Also of note is progress on the new loop at Manutahi, or lack of it....
Internal politics have resulted in work all but ceasing in fast fashion following a site visit by union reps and company officials. 
Seems there is a "difference of opinion" on what should be happening and what actually is..... 
No doubt it will all come out in the wash.
And below are some random photos from the last couple of weeks.
The office. A nice comfy DXB cab.
521 at Whareroa with a gaggle of DC's on the pointy end..
526 a couple of weeks back at a secret location :-)
And below, in pure randomness is a photo taken wayyyyy back in 2004 showing the then evolution of mainline freight loco paint schemes... red, blue, black, green..
530 at Stratford.
And to close out this rather disjointed post is a photo of a silly little tank wagon, complete with semi sepia tone, taken at Westfeild some time in the mid 1990's - I think...
(it may also be the wellington ferry terminal too....)
Tank wagon, from the "silly little" class.

This is the 5th attempt at writing a blog post today so all you get is a picture....

Will try again tomorrow when karma or murphy has got bored with me..

(sodding program crashes and 2 blue screens of death!!! grrrrrr)