I managed to get all the way down to Palmy on a nice sunny Saturday arvo yesterday and the depot was chokka block full of locos. 
I reckon there must have been near 30+ locos on site and there were only 3 or 4 that were not in Kiwi Rail paint!! 
It really did look good, and I do have to admit that I have become very fond, almost proud of the Kiwi Rail paint scheme, and that I get to see it every day. 
And when so many of them are glowing in the afternoon sun like that I just cant help myself.. :-)
I will string together a more intelligent post shortly.

535 in the loop at Manutahi.
Yes, its been a long time... over 4 months in fact. 
There will be more... soon...
(the boys blew our data cap on stupid minecraft you tube videos in the holidays!!