A couple of recent snaps of old chooks...

To the left is DC 4219 with "Special Shunt" bringing 2556 back from its week long vacation in Patea on new bogies to replace the buggered ones! (hiding under the tarps on the last wagon)

A couple more old dungers... 7267 and 4830 on 523 @ Whareroa

And a closer view of 4830. I didnt know we had any green locos left in our patch, and sad to say, but the green is a nice splash of colour now in a see of blue black and red...

Bugger.... *mental note* click "save to drafts" regularly to avoid losing blog posting when browser crashes....
Righto, try again.
As promised, here is 2624 in its new shiny coat...
"give me my coloured coat, my amazing coloured coat..."
ooooh I feel  a song coming on....

'uh... a little help?'
And something from the "you'll never see this again" dept.
Here we see 2556 left for dead on the back road at Patea after an operational incident saw the pool old chook dragged from Whareroa to Patea completely knackering all its wheels and will thus need a new pair of bogies (to be changed out on site) before it can go any further.

2624 @ Whareroa in Tranz Scenic colours.
Its all been a bit routine and boring recently, and I have been plagued with a whole heap of nightshifts which are also boring and routine...
One thing to note is DSC 2624's return to Whareroa, resplendent in its new coat of KR bling! I will endevour to get a photo of it this week.