Running 543 for 526 the next couple of days. 
Had 4467 + 5120 + 5114 on 543 this morning and went to Kai Iwi to get 526, which I ran through to Stratford. Very routine today and not much to report.
The poor old DC's are really starting to show their age, and the non Kiwi Rail painted ones are looking really tatty, well used and well past their expiry date.
But I think just like their domestic USA bretheren, another rebuild and they would go again for another 10 years. Old GM's just dont seem to die.
Still, I will diligently record as many as I can - they will be gone soon enough and I will no doubt lament not getting more photos of them if I didnt.

Hoping 4070 makes and appearance tomorrow..... word has it its been slated to be the first DC to be retired once the nod is given....

2/15/2012 12:37:27 pm

Will be said to see the DC's start retiring due to age - though havent some already been retired years ago as surplus? Aside from those uneconomic to repair after accidents that is.

Also - have you heard anything about the Auckland DF's being swapped out for DC's (probably the KR painted ones) from the southern end of the island?

2/15/2012 04:51:28 pm

Scooter, yes we have lost a few DC's pver the last few years. Mostly due to penny pinching management more than anything.
That said there have been a few seriously trashed in crashes. The two that rolled in Hornby in the early 90's, 4006 atop the westmere, the one the fell into the swollen Rangitata river, the one behind 5045 at Te Wera just to name a few....
Maybe a trashed and bashed post is in order?

2/16/2012 12:06:02 pm

Well done Andrew for recording the ol' fellas before they go. Magnificent shots. It'll be the likes of you or I that will be swearing in 20 year's time about not taking enough photos. I do enough of that now about the old Das! I had many opportunities back in the day but you don't think about these things at the time :-(


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