I dug out some more Hawera photos and scanned them last night.... 
12/28/2010 05:26:42 pm

Wow! great pics again Andrew! The occasional 4-wheeler, the FlyingTomato colours on DC4006 and DSC2381, the amazing milk tank crates - all shiny white of course, the bulk wine tank, the hay bale loads for U-types. Fantasic subjects and wonderful inspiration for modelling. Many many thanks again.
BTW, what are the maintenance-looking rail-trucks (RFW on the front), and what are they used for?

12/29/2010 04:31:48 am

Thanks Andrew. Awesome photos!

12/29/2010 08:03:15 am

The behemoth of a hirail truck with RFW on the front is the Flash Butt Welding truck, and its rather large back end contains a huge welding rig mounted on a crane that they use to weld rail joints together with.
I am unsure if its still operational or if its been retired. I have not seen it for a long time. Hawera was key staging point for the track gangs, and hence we saw weed spray trains, work trains and all manner of track machines stabled at Hawera, and the FBW truck was a regular visitor.


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