Spent the day confined to yard limits, shuffling milk tanks back and forth ad infinitum....
The highlight of the day, other than watching the team leader going ballistic as cock up after cock up ensued on the yard shunt, was watching 526 trundle past with 5016 and 4191 towing dsc 2338 and dsg 3005, all bound for New Plymouth.
Apparently tonight dsc 2569 and dsg 3210 will head south (for servicing I presume) on 521.
Ahhh gotta love those DX's!
I do have to admit that I have quite a fondness for our DXB's..... to me they sound and look "just right", not to mention that they just pull and pull...
(keep it clean folks - family show!)
As DL's are programmed to be tested on milkies towards the end of this season ahead of full integration next season, I would recommend that anyone intending to witness DXB's on milkies should get out and do it this summer before they are all sent to the Mainland. 
5143, 5166 and 5080 have already gone, and 5016 is next...
Best puddle jumper in the land!

Of course, one cant get though a day on day shunt without being collared to drive the puddle jumper while the shunt crew were busy.....
Also something noteworthy was the track staff working on the SOL today with the lowloader (pic below) inspecting tunnels. 
Curiosity got the better of me, so I rang my ganger in the know to get the goss....
Apparently the linings / integrity of tunnels 3,4,5 and 6 on the SOL are starting to deteriorate and the gangs have gone out there to assess the damage and predict some costs for repairs.  The ganger explained that due to the lack of smoke / fumes / soot in the tunnels, moss and vegetation has started to encroach and eat at the tunnel linings. Who knew that all those nasty planet killing exhaust fumes were actually of use!???

He also mentioned that the gangs had been out over the SOL a fair bit, cleaning up slips and drains, and fixing washout's etc...
When asked if it was just routine work or perhaps something more, he said that it could be a prelude to reopening, but it all hinges on how bad things are with the tunnels and what the ever growning cost of reopening the line is going to be...

Who knows eh?
Low Loader.... baby!
10/10/2011 02:06:29 pm

So how is the milk season going?


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