I managed to get all the way down to Palmy on a nice sunny Saturday arvo yesterday and the depot was chokka block full of locos. 
I reckon there must have been near 30+ locos on site and there were only 3 or 4 that were not in Kiwi Rail paint!! 
It really did look good, and I do have to admit that I have become very fond, almost proud of the Kiwi Rail paint scheme, and that I get to see it every day. 
And when so many of them are glowing in the afternoon sun like that I just cant help myself.. :-)
I will string together a more intelligent post shortly.

10/20/2013 07:25:36 am

Welcome back! Great sights there. That sort of spectacle (lots of clean locos) hasn't been possible since the early 80s. They do look good.....

10/30/2013 06:10:05 pm

Great to see you back. Wow! Amazing colour. Stunning. And you should be proud Andrew. I'm not afraid to admit I've had goosebumps the couple of times I've been heading in to work in Welly on the motorway and seen the CC drifting down No.1 tunnel embankment with a shiny KR loco on the head. It's also what happens when WE own the railway.


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