Well the off season is well and truely apon us and the "Winter Roster" is now in effect. 
I spent last week taking a car down Waitotara or Kai Iwi and running 526 through to New Plymouth. The weather was crap most of the week so there wernt many photo opportunities. That said, I still got a couple of snaps...
While waiting at Te Roti junction for 52 Shunt to get into the loop at  Eltham and clear their warrant, the sun came out - be rude not to eh?

At Smart Road in New Plymouth, on the short leg of the triangle waiting for the shunt to finish their move so we can come out. The left hand leg is not terribly tight, but the right hand leg is the tightest curve allowed in the book, and the rail makes a fair noise when 6 axles roll round it!

The power for the evening train 523 ready to go. I sorta grabbed a bag shot of 7239 due to the fact that some of these old rattlers are being cycled through Hutt for a rebuild, and will come out with new paint.

A privately owned ZP wagon stored at Smart Road. The wagon is not roadworthy and the owner cant / wont pay for its repair so it just sits.

DSC 2257 has been a long term resident of this exact location, for at least 5 years or more.
Owned by Ravensdown Fertiliser this beast died long ago from a hard life serving at a fertiliser plant.  Apparently its cheaper to hire locos from Kiwi Rail to shunt their plant than it is to repair and keep 2257 in working order, so it just sits and quielty rusts away.....

I'll finish up with this image of Low Loader ETM 445 which has been parked / stored at Stratford for quite some time. 

Im running 535 down to Palmerston North every day this week so will try and find something interesting to comment on through the week.

darrryl bond
5/10/2011 09:08:58 pm

what's up with the dsc? that one used to be in Timaru from memory?

Gary Lowndes
5/17/2011 08:11:07 pm

What would the low loader be used for ?


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