So they say....

Imagine my surprise when I found this gem on Trade Me today...

Along with the following text:
"The NZR DC class locomotive is the most common class of locomotive currently in operation on the New Zealand rail network. The locomotives started life as members of the since withdrawn DA class diesel-electric locomotives that were built by General Motors Canada. Between 1978 and 1983 the locomotives were rebuilt as the DC class, with a new cab and upgraded engines. Each DC locomotive has a General Motors 12-645C or 12-645E V12 diesel engine and four traction motors, with an authorised maximum speed of 100 km/h. 

The locomotive is 14 metres long and weighs 82 tonnes. DC4156 hit a landslide in the Manawatu Gorge on 25 September 2010. 

This Limited Edition print (based on a pencil drawing) is personally signed and numbered by the artist and is printed on A3 size silk finish 180gsm paper suitable for framing. The paper is archival quality (said to last for 200 years). 

Note: the A3 print is of a much higher quality - the accompanying image has been reduced to deter copying and does not do the art work justice. "

The "art" looks awfully familiar.....
No end to what "art" can be produced in photoshop these days huh!?

Wonder if I will get any royalties............


Colin Boyd
12/2/2012 06:28:52 pm

Hi Andrew.
A few months ago I bought one of the photo/prints of Cyclops English Electric EMU from this trader,he lives in Belmont Lower Hutt, I hit the buy now button at $15 and picked it up myself,is now framed and hanging in the lounge,looks good.Time will tell if it still looks good after 200 years.Thanks for the answer about Dora the Explorer,I should have worked that out for myself.
Cheers Colin.

Steve mc
12/2/2012 11:42:50 pm

Sad how this supposed "artist" cannot seem to do his own groundwork.... Its seems the internet can be a photographers bane aswell as blessing in which many of us have resorted to watermarking...
As usual keep up the good work sir.

12/3/2012 03:31:44 am

Those prints have been around for a while - I have the RM30 Standard Railcar one. Would be interesting to have a "chat" with the "artist" !

Gary Lowndes
12/4/2012 04:29:35 pm

Maybe you should leave a comment on the auction offering a free print of the original photo that his "art" was stolen from to the successful bidder ?

12/19/2012 02:24:53 pm

the best loco is the DC eg 4156


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