OH MY!!!!

Thumbing through some old piccys today I thought I would share my undying love for the mighty 4 stroke that the good doctor GE built for our for-fathers all those years ago to prowl our lands...
Below are various images taken at various points on the timeline...
I'll quite happily admit to getting all starry eyed and dribbly watching and hearing a pair of DXB's coming up the grade into Whareroa on a still night and still get goosebumps remembering the nights standing on the Otira platform after changing over and witnessing those most incredible standing starts as 5 DXC's bark and fight against gravity to lift 2200t of coal up the grade, a couple of the older ones with a foot high flame off the stack.....


Work is what you make of it eh?..... 

A few times now I have pondered employment elsewhere, in the outside world, but seriously. I dont think I would be happy doing anything else!!!


Colin Boyd
10/31/2012 04:44:49 am

Hi Andrew
Good to see more cool pictures from around the country of past & present workings,keep up the good work.

Cheers Colin.

11/1/2012 02:11:28 am

Loads of snot-bonnets there!

11/2/2012 03:05:25 am

Another wonderful set of photos. What a "character" poor old 5477 looks - nice one! Compare that to the shiney schnoz on Bumblebee 5419. All greatly appreciated many thanks. Totally understand the goose bumps btw.

11/2/2012 05:08:11 pm

Always hated them but yeah must admit, the snot-bonnets actually don't look that bad two-up on coalies do they?


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