Just wondering if there is any point to keeping my blog??
I seem to have lost enthusiasm for it, and struggle to create worthwhile and engaging entries for regular readers (both of you)

Its been a rather quiet winter with only two notable events so far, one being the visit of a DL for clearance testing, and the other being yesterdays once-in-a-lifetime snow dumping....


I dunno... the next milk season is knocking on the door - maybe that will bring some inspiration? 
One good thing is we are keeping our DX's for another season while they get some reliability out of the DL's. We in the Naki are right at the bottom of the list for DL training and deployment. I guess we will get to see the rebuilt DFT's up here a fair bit..

7/25/2011 03:23:14 pm

Hiya Andrew,

well I for one have enjoyed your ramblings and regularly check back for updates. Thoroughy enjoy the photos and reporting of a real life engineer. It's nice to know the behind-the-scenes stuff. Some of it might seem every-day and maybe ho-hum to you but I'm sure there's plenty out here appreciate your work. Hey your actual work AND the reporting! Congrats BTW on new arrival. Had a couple of them myself a few months ago. My first grandchilderen - twin girls. Don't forget to take lots of photos - they change so very quickly without you noticing.

William R
7/28/2011 12:13:47 am

Hey Andrew,

Basicly what Steve said - While its nice to read a good yarn every once in a while don't feel as if a single picture won't be enough - Hell if you think the naki is boring during winter then come over to the bay! that'll really kill the spirit. All in all its nice to hear from someone else in the LNI; get to see all the local stuff from a different point of view (or should I say different lense).

Anyway I've started rambling on now, i feel my IQ slowly dropping to that of a RP.net photo screener...



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