Sunday saw a car trip to Palmy so I could run 548 back to Whareroa...
Sundays are great in the big depots, as there are usually lots of locos to see and not much activity, instilling a warm fuzzy "lazy Sunday" feeling as one wanders around the depot (safely of course) soaking up the atmosphere....

7267 and 4156 lounging in the afternoon sun.
*click* 'Ohhhh you bastard...'
I was very fortunate to have a good friends company for the day, and tried to keep up as he explained the intricacies of modern train radio communication.

Did I mention lots of locos??
After prowling around the yard for a while, the shunt returned from Longburn with our milk tanks, so we climbed aboard the our assigned power, DXB's 5097 and 5068 and headed out into the yard.

Our train consisted of 8 loaded OM milk tanks and 25 container wagons with empty containers for Fonterra back home at Whareroa. 
All up just over 600m and 1030 tons.

RM30 at Wanganui
On the way down to Palmy I swung into the Wanganui freight center to try my luck, knowing the Silver Fern was about, and whaddya know.. there it was!.
RM30 has been charted by the Dominion Post to do a lower North Island rail tour covering the MNPL, the PNGL and a few others.
It was great to see the old chook out and about again, but that horrible yellow frontage still makes me shudder.. yuk!

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