As you can tell I am on a bit of a night shot bender just now, so here are a couple shots from the yard tonight...
Poles apart.
541 ready to go.
1/17/2012 04:46:49 pm

The geeky part of me is starting to think about how often the locos on the milk run are split up from their pairings or how often they shuttle through.

For instance, 5051/5120 where with me on 542 (Palmy/Whareroa) that morning and were then to go out on 547 at around 1500. As we pulled into Whareroa at around 1000, 5068/5114 were getting ready to go back as 545.....which were then turned around to go back on 544 which is when Drew met them at Wanganui as per the photos. So how many other pairs were in action on the milkies?

Also, 5051/5120 were still together this afternoon as they pulled into Wellington around 1700, so one can only assume they went back north on an evening freight soon after.

Quick, stop me now....I'm turning into an anorak.....

1/18/2012 07:05:05 am

AH, what make and model camera are you using, Am looking to purchase a new one for myself and your snaps sure look good.


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