@ Waitotara around 6:30am.
Pulled up on the mainline at Waitotara today with 543 and there to greet me was another South Island border raider, in the form of DFT 7008.

Was a nice change from the normal wobbly old DFT's, and I think the Phase 1 KR paint scheme suits the DFT rather well, much better than the current KR paint scheme.

...down in the valley, where the wind blows....
Getting a decent photo of northbound trains in the morning on the MNPL is a bloody mission as the line travels west or north for 90% of its length, and the sun is almost always behind the train. 
There are, however a couple of sweet spots in the valleys where the line does some 90 degree turns, and in some cases near 120 degree curves towards the light and as I had to stop at one such spot (CSB'S just out of frame) it would be rude not to eh?? :-)

pre dawn delights....
And just in case you have not yet had enough Kiwi Rail today, here is my 543 at Patea at 6am after crossing 540...
DXB's 5022 and 5108 plus DC 4605.

For the next post I will find something in the archives from somewhere other than the Naki eh?? 

Any requests?

12/22/2010 08:40:33 pm

I was wondering where DFT 7008 had disappeared to. Hope she comes back to the South Island soon. She's always a good catch.

12/23/2010 03:10:50 am

Requests . . . Da's and 4-wheelers. Or are they before your time?

12/23/2010 12:25:52 pm

sorry, DA's and 4 wheelers were somewhat before my time..

12/23/2010 08:29:42 pm

I liked your photos of Hawera in the early 90's. Do you have any more around the Hawera yard?


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