4156 on the front of 526 @ Waitotara.
With the Chinese about to breach our borders, the days are numbered for our old bombs still in service.
The master scheme, as I understand it, shows great quantities of the new DL locos working in the North Island, sees the enitre fleet of DX's banished to the South Island, and everything else on the mainline (DFT's, DC's, DBR's, DQ's) will be turned into razor blades or ab circle pro's or something just as usefull.
That said though, the company have announced that they intend to give 6 DFT's a major rebuild and tart up for use on branchlines where their light axle loadings will be of benefit, taking the work currently performed by the much older DC's.

Thus! I have shifted my foaming focus from the new and shiney to capturing as many of the old chooks in service as I can before they are blitzed into the history books.

4571 still looking good in old government paint on train 570 @ Whareroa.
William Rutgers
11/21/2010 06:46:39 am

I swear I was born 10 years too late...

I live in Napier - An interesting place when it comes to rail; at least it was 10 years ago.


The Napier-Gisborne

a decade ago it was carrying the highest tonnage it had ever seen. Then there was Beard. Now it carries two trains a week of uniform CF's, VRB's, a few flats and a ZH if you’re lucky. The longest I've ever had the opportunity to photograph was 16 cars - lately it averages around 8.

Pandora Workshops

When it was first built it was used as a bustling little locomotive depot - Dx's, Dc's, Dft's hell even Dq's would gather there in the days when you could just stroll up to the site office and ask to have a quick look around. Now the only thing capable of moving itself is the solitary TR; working hard to fill the place up with stored Uk's with no real future ahead.


Rail traffic in the 90's was ALOT more railfan friendly - probably the biggest difference being the pulp trains & the Bay express. Nowadays most of the year only one train is at an hour friendly for photography (623) and even then it is both backlit AND at high sun.

All of this is what i remember from my childhood, be it only from the occasional glimpse from a passing car as at that stage I wasn't exactly able to make my own decisions as to what my activities were. Now that I am I have been working fairly hard to document the surrounding area for about the last 3 or 4 years.

Anyway on to my point.

I thought i had it bad - now that doesn't seem so.

When the lower NI gets its chinks I doubt they will stay on the milkies long. Then what do we do with them? Why put them on the PNGL of course! So now not only will I have a pitiful train service; I will have pitiful trains too! Why I still want to work for this company I really don’t know...

Well that was my un-educated foameristic opinion on the matter – now to get out and get snapping.


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