Well I was in a very touchy feely sentimental frame of mind today. 
I had the pleasure of running 547 all the way to Palmy (again) today, and I guess it must have been the mix of a super sunny late summers day, "lazy sunday 3" playing on the cd player, blatting along the NIMT with the sun behind me, the blue skys, both windows open letting the warm wind blow through, the rythmic sway of the dft, the heat shimmer off the land... (something in the water??) but man was I supremely gratefull to be doing what I was doing at the moment in time.


Anyways... some images from today...
DCP 4605 in the afternoon sun at Palmy.

And the curious ENO inspection car.
I have always been fascinated with this oddball and the ENO classification makes me think it should be some sort of round white pill to cure an upset stomach.

I also went for a wee tiki tour along the castlcliffe line, following a story in the local glossy that stated trains will run on the branch again in 8 weeks, 8 years since the line was closed. Shunts will apparently run 3 times a night (yes, night! ) out to the Ali Arc dry store where Open Country stores their milk powder, for loading into containers..
Should be interesting...

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