Two bumblebees... 4185 and 4398.
Well, not really. 
Every 6 weeks on our roster we get to take a rental to Palmy and bring 548 home.

I really enjoy it, as it allows a good run over the line between Palmy and Whareroa, and it usually allows a good spot of foaming in a "big" depot bagging some stuff that is not normally seen in our patch.

At right is a uber crusty British bulldog posing as EF 30007, with bretheren 30249 looking much tidier behind it.

not leaving the depot anytime soon...
And at right is my power for 548 last night, DXB's 5097 and 5051.

There is usually several locos around on a sunday, but this day the cupboard was bare =(

11/10/2012 04:48:12 pm

30007 and 30249 were together at Ohakune last Sunday. 30007 looking very crusty.


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