A quick trip back to the 5th of November 2004 and we find DAR 517 shunting the yard at Whareroa while DFT7307 sits on the front of 523, both locos freshly painted in snot green.....

William R
8/13/2011 01:08:45 pm

And IIRC are the only ones in the LNI still wearing it - surprising how you miss things when they're gone.

8/13/2011 05:57:10 pm

True, catching 7307 is now a bit of a special treat....

8/14/2011 02:28:29 pm

Nah, apart from the nose stripes I dont miss the Toll scheme one bit - was very "in your face" Aussie colours and was a pig to photograph....

William R
8/14/2011 02:32:25 pm

Ahh but is the latest KR scheme any better?

8/14/2011 02:45:14 pm

I actually prefer the first version of the KR paint scheme, especially on the DFT's. The second version took a long time to get used to, but it has grown on me and I think it actually now looks really good on the DXB's. The coal chutes on the DXC's make the lettering look funny.
Cant wait to see some preserved DC's running around in original "Fruit Salad" one day. :-)


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