This week it was confirmed that poor old 4507 has run its last mile under its own power. 
I believe it was involved in a crash of some sort and has since been parted out at Hutt, giving up bits of its running gear to keep others at the workshops going.
I know its not the fist DC to be retired and scrapped, but I see this one as the first of the new order, the executioner sharpening its axe, so to speak.

To be honest I am not really surprised, and it makes me think back to the movie DA Days and that class's twilight years where even the smallest of mechanical failures or incident would result in the loco being retired for scrap, and I imagine the DC's will slowly vanish through attrition as each one fails in service. 

I also am led to believe the next batch of DL's will be here in June and as they enter service the older DL's will head to the lower North Island and begin running the majority of freight services in the region. This I assume will see the master plan finally achieved and we will wave goodbye to the DXB's as they head south to the coal fields and the DC's as they retire.
There is plenty of talk among the troops that DL's will be running milk trains next season and our training on the beasts will begin in earnest soon.

The rail scene in the lower North Island is set to change dramatically in short period of time as the Borg like DL invasion takes over. Soon enough there will only be DL's and DFB's as normally aspirated 645's will only be found in museums.

My advice: Get 'em while you can - you'll miss them when they are gone....

521 on Wednesday afternoon.
528 at Stratford, 30 Jan 2013.
William R
1/30/2013 04:50:04 pm

Yes a very sudden fate - This was the accident which wrote it off:

The only thing i saw lifted out was the genny, although the 645 might've disappeared too but i'll have to have a look next time i go for a smoko stroll. fwiw 4070 is currently getting the same treatment however I'll wait for it to appear in rotten row before jumping to conclusions.

I find it ironic the oldest locomotive there has the longest life ahead - the Eo's start getting the chop next monday and i imagine the rest will follow soon enough.

Oh and i never have to worry about forgetting my camera, All apprentices get an el-cheapo fujifilm point-and-shoot to keep in their pocket for "documentation". I don't think they've noticed the foam on my lip just yet...

1/30/2013 05:03:51 pm

Yep.... can confirm 4507 is parked up out at Hutt along with those some have forgotten - the DAR, 7117 and the damaged bits of the two Ganz's that collided at Plimmerton. Unfortunate its going but guess repairing the damage from its accident (a fatal level-crossing smash just east of the Manawatu Gorge AFAIK) isnt feasible. Doulbe shame because it was in its prior life the last DA to enter service (1545)

1/31/2013 04:23:43 am

Thanks Will, and congrats on getting into the mob :-)
If they are chopping the Eo's, I wonder if the DAR and the rest of rotten row will be hacked up as well?? Seems sad that the Eo's cant be rebuilt for use in the Wellington area.

1/31/2013 05:51:13 am

Is DC-4070 being scarpped?

3/14/2013 02:23:07 pm

Apparently 4070 was given new AAR couplers and sent back out. No repaint though so its future might still be iffy

Steve m
1/31/2013 10:35:16 am

Yes andrew, borg is right...

The Bay of plenty is like that now, almost all the trains i see these days are DL hauled.. Have to venture down your ways to see a DX/DF... I guess that will change soon too :(

2/1/2013 07:53:56 am

More eyes and ears at Hutt....Superb.

In that strange (and slightly sad) way that "enthusiasts " can have favourite locomotives, 4507 was always one of mine for reasons I can no longer remember....maybe it was the aesthetics of the shapes the numbers made on the cab side? (Now THERE is a blog post in itself, if Drew will let me).

I do wonder if we will end up keeping any DFB's at all (once those DFT's that remain are rebuilt like 7158) here in the capital to run the Palmy we will need something to keep the Masterton commuters happy. DFB's again instead of the venerable DC's?

As an aside, I'm currently 3 for 3 as far as favourite locos being laid up, with 4507 joining 7117 and 517.....anyone want to pay me to "like" a locomotive they cant stand?

(On that basis, 7348 had better start worrying!)

Is an Eo going back to Ferrymead at all?

2/2/2013 03:53:44 pm

Other way round Ev.... its the 12 DFB's that they want to keep around and the DFT/M's that look shaky. The extra grunt of the DFT's would probably be appreciated on the bigger Masterton runs, like 1606 but overkill for the 3 cars on 1610 at the moment. Probably worthwhile for Dora too (ATM the loco and consist are being towed by an EF between Te Rapa and Palmy)

Re: The EO's I understand one (74 I've heard) is going to Ferrymead

2/4/2013 03:18:08 am

"My advice: Get 'em while you can - you'll miss them when they are gone...."

Wonderful advice and your work in this endeavour is greatly appreciated.

2/4/2013 11:41:13 am

From that photo of William's you can barely tell its been in any sort of smash. Guess it is a case of almost any excuse...

2/4/2013 01:27:14 pm

Question for William: Whats the story with the EF's stored there? Is 30065 being returned to service or stripped out? I know 30186 is basically a hulk out the back and 30128 was on rotten row (but no idea where it is now).
Can you fill in the blanks?


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