Hawera is my railfan Mecca.... its my hometown and also where I first discovered trains and the heady world of being a railfan in NZ, with all the constant changes within the system, back in the days when I knew very little about our nations railways, and often got lost in the excitment of visitng a different station not knowing what locos or wagons would be there, or seeing a loco for the first time...

Now I have to warn you that a lot of the photos in the upcoming blogs are scanned from poorly stored negatives on a cheap negative scanner, and are not the best in quality. I have most of the original prints in albums but all the "good" photos I used to swap with mates and its been a real blast from the past looking back at the negatives...

12/28/2010 02:31:20 am

Nice shots! Thank you for taking the time to upload them. And no need to apologise for the quality. "Never mind the quality, feel the width!"

2/22/2011 11:18:05 pm

The wise never marry, And when they marry they become otherwise.


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