The one and only photo I have ever got of a train on the (now closed) SOL, largely owing to the fact that trains ran across the SOL in the hours of darkness.
I was never certified for the SOL, and only travelled on it twice - once on an all night mission from Stratford to Taumarunui and back, and the second time on the above photographed occasion, called out to be second man with another driver so we could relieve the crew on 533 who had already relieved another crew earlier in the night!!

The SOL travels through some of the most remote backcountry this land has to offer, often out of cellphone range, often with questionable (read no) radio reception and no public roads within cooee, crews had to carry a satellite phone with them and hope for the best.

There is whispers and rumers that the SOL may reopen soon, but I cannot think why...

Speaking of Stratford.... Im off to speedway..

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