(CAUTION! This post has more wedge than an wood chopping competition at the A+P show)

Been a busy ol week for sure! 
Every day this week I ran 545 down to Wanganui, came back on 528 to Whareroa, then went straight back out again on 547 coming back with 544.
The weather has been superb all week and its been a pleasure to get out in the countryside for some daylight running, even more so that out of the 20 trains I personally  drove this week I did not have any problems on any of them, and they have all been good sizes which makes you feel like your achieving something.

Its also been a bit of an exercise in documenting the current rail scene, as I am quite sure this time next year things will be different once the DL's are in service in the region. 
I also found it interesting that I had a DXB on 528 every day this week - perhaps as the result of an adjustment to the circuits that locos end up in? 

Naturally, as always, there are photos to share....

545 at Wanganui after changing over onto 528.
528 on the mainline waiting for ganger to clear his heat run.
544 pulling into Waitotara.
528 at Wanganui.
545 at Wanganui, waiting for 528.
More wedge than you can poke a stick at....
Friday saw a trainee doing a certification run with his minder driver so I got to sit back and relax for the ride down to Wanganui in the back cab of 545..
I am slowly putting together a post in homage of The Peoples DC - 4444, which has been helped along by some fabulous photos from a few very generous photographers. When I get off my chuff and dig through my boxes of photos to find my photos of 4444 I will be able to finish the post....

Also determined to get some non Taranaki photos up too.... perhaps some of my early Auckland efforts...

Hope you have a good Sunday...

2/16/2013 01:39:43 pm

You should upload some pictures of the SIlver Fern Railcars.

2/16/2013 02:57:13 pm

Nice shots there as always AH

Seems to be the question that no one wants to ask - why is everyone so down on the DL's?

2/16/2013 04:31:21 pm

My take on the DL's is that once they arrive down here in Wellington we wont see much else, although the Wairarapa services will still need something (doesnt make much sense to use DL's on short haul passenger trains??). So its really a case of being swamped by a tide of standardisation.

2/22/2013 06:28:41 pm

Awesome shots there AH! Its a shame I can't get the Cab Passes any more :( Would love to join ya one day :)


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