DC4790 with fresh new clothes...
Well what a week it has been..
I have been on late shift all week, starting at 1pm.  Really its a bit of a bugger of a shift, cos I only get to see the kids for about and hour and half each day before they go to school / playcenter.... and they are long in bed by the time I get home :(

In theory on the lateshift, one books on, finishes unloading 542, makes up 547 and runs it out to meet 544 somewhere down the line, which I bring back to Whareroa and unload... in theory.
Reality this week has seen all trains at least 2 hours behind schedule through various calamities and crazy "on the spot" descison making...
Thus in the last 5 days, I have only been down to Patea and back twice, and the last three days I have not left the yard at all!!! 
Wednesday was a real ripper from a foamers point of view though. The weather was just awsome and late in the afternoon bathed in glorious warm sunlight we had 547 in the yard with 2 KR painted DXB's, we had 544 with 2 KR DXB's , and also 521 with a KR DXB and a KR painted DC. Add the DSJ and we had 7 KR painted locos in the one spot!
Just to finish it off, once 547 had gone, and 521 was sitting waiting to go, 523 rocks up with two more KR painted locos and a fruit salad DC!! 
More International Orange than you can poke a stick at!!

And word has it that our regular DSC (2624) is getting repainted now and will return to us in a couple of weeks sparkly and new (looking) to match the DSJ...

Back for more punishment on Sunday evening when I take a car down to Palmy and bring back 548. Not all bad though as I have a good friend along for the ride to keep boredom at bay :)

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