Went to Ted's today to take Diesel for a hoon, and another keen ride on railway fiend bought his new toy along for a play. 
(Thanks heaps Ben!!)

Its imported from the USA, the name or make escapes me, but its made of wood, very simple with wooden brakes and can be gated in through customs as a "ride on wooden toy" :-)

As you can see the whole tribe gave it a good thrashing, and it is a very good upper body workout climbing up the rise from the bottom of the railway to the top.... 

*puff puff*

So I have included a video of yours truly have a goofy ol time on Bens Fanga :-)

William R
10/20/2012 08:57:10 pm

LOL that's great. latest in KR motive power i take it?

btw, could you shoot me an email? Got a few piccies here and i lost your address somewhere along the line...


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