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Ever since I went Norwest on "The Longest Day", I've noticed a weird phenomenon that further study has only proven....and it may shock you.

Virtually all of the Palmerston North staff I talked to (and have, since then) don't refer to EF's at all...to them, they are "30's".

So where did the "EF" moniker come from?  I can remember reading about it in the "Rails" mag when they first arrived (The sentence went something along the lines of "...and if they had class letters they would be EF") and they are definitely down as EF's in Amicus.

I can only think that all of the Palmy staff have been with them since Day 1 when they still were "30's", and its just what they are used to.  I'd be interested to know if Te Rapa are the same?

Personally, I still think of them as 30's....In my own strange little way, enthusiasts who call them "EF's" come across as trying to hard, or trying to prove how much (or little) they know....

Any comments?  What do you call them??

3/18/2011 03:57:23 am

Wasn't it because under "normal" NZR coding convention at the time, "F" was the next available sub-class in the "E" (Electric loco) class? Also, just learned I've been thinking wrong for years about the "30" thing. Always thought that came from the English Class 30, but just googled and an English Class 30 is diesel electric and looks nothing like our EFs. Duh! So the "30" thing must've come from their class numbers?

3/18/2011 04:00:25 am

. . . and BTW I've always called them "EFs". Some call them "toasters" - a great nickname.

3/26/2011 12:43:46 pm

Every railway person I know refers to them as "30's"...


Nathan B
3/28/2011 03:37:53 am

i've always called them "EF" and its only recent that i've heard someone refer to them as "30s". when i lived in Tamuranui i only ever recall the LEs and train spotters calling them "EF"s, and also i'd also like to point out that AH has also refered to a pic you've taken and called it an EF in the pic.


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