Very cool big band sounds....
Well, what a week that was!! 

WOMAD was HUGE as ever, and I came away from a hundred hour week 5kg lighter and culturally enriched. 
I have a new favorite artist in the form of Ash Grinwald, an amazing blues / rock singer who had the whole site pumping during his set.... simply stunning! 
I must have walked a million miles around the Brooklands Park / Bowl site over the week and ended up installing over 100 light fittings and associated cables making the place look pretty. 
Once rigging was done, I was given one of the smaller stages to drive and had a ball lighting the various acts that took the stage during my shifts...

I am glad that I had an extra day following pack out to catch up on some sleep and get some R+R lol... a roadies life is a hard one, and certainly not something I wish to do full time !
The masses enjoying a Black Seeds performance.
Black Seeds in full swing.
Brooklands Stage.
Spaghetti anyone?? A distro and dimmer rack rig, with motor control and data pigs atop..
But back to the trains eh??
Went to Palmy on Saturday morning with 543 after first bringing a very late 530 into Whareroa. The locos off 530 then went back with 543. 
I crossed 540 at Whareroa (5108+7307) and found 542 at Wanganui (5074+7186), and also had to wait there for 560 (4438+4571).
I ended up in the hole at Rangitawa while I waited for a tamper/regulator combo to womble past, before being parked again at Feilding while I waited for 200 (4029) to do its thing, and frigging HUGE trunk train right behind the Overlander being pulled by 30's 30105 and a bumblebee (300071 I think).
Finally at Palmy I had a quick stroll about the depot and headed for home in a bright red corolla, stopping to Ev's brother Rhys for a quick chat and some dodgy back room dealing :-)

Late shift this week so will hopefully have something more substantial for my next post..


In the hole at Rangitawa.
Traction Engines doing their thing at Maewa.
4041 all blinged up at Palmy.
Another grotty snot rocket on vacation in the north.
A superb piccy of 235 passing through Drury taken by one of our Auckland readers :-)
3/25/2012 01:51:31 pm

Love that last pic. 5500 back in action after a BBQ induced checkover and repaint, and behind it a DFT, DL and by the looks old DBR 1226. Some strange lash up that!

12/12/2016 10:39:09 am

Nice one of 7173 going over to hutt for overhaul


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