@ Scooter - no, but I didn't send them to Express, someone else forwarded them on. No drama though.

@ Steve, thanks as always for the kind comments. The photo on the front page was taken at Norton Road in Hamilton of my homeward bound train, during my tour of duty out of Westfeild, and so far to date is still the only time I have had three DFT's together on the same train.

@ Mike, I use a Canon 50D most of the time these days, which has sorta taken over from my trusty 20D, the latter having done "a million miles" and taken thousands of images. Its a bit bad as I really "baby" the 50D and swore I would never take it to work, using it solely for speedway and other "proper" shoots. 
(see my photo website www.westpeak.co.nz)
The poor old 20D has had a hard life, doing 4 or 5 seasons of speedway, being thrown around in my work bag, been out in all the elements on my wild adventures but bless its heart it still keeps on ticking. These days its basically in retirement, as the 50D is a much better machine all round and far less prone to dust getting on the sensor, which the 20D was shocking for!
All that said, I think the days of the big dslr cameras are numbered as technology and social media move forward and much smaller hand held devices evolve. There are already "bridge" camera's and pocket rockets that can capture the same quality image as mid range dslr's

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