No, I am not missing home, quite the opposite in fact - I am at home, sick! :(
And have been for the last three days, struck down something fierce by a nasty flu bug that took the whole family down on its way through... poo!!
The somewhat modified cab of DC 4006 at Westmere.
So in an effort to find something to stimulate you all with, I thought I would share the shots I got of DC 4006's demise at the top of the Westmere hill.
I wont bore you with the who or the why, but by geez the "what happened next" was somewhat eye opening, and led to a flurry of cab mount checks as Dc's were wheeled into depots by the dozen..

Somewhere in the archives there are a few more photos from this day, but I have yet to find them....
11/22/2010 02:25:16 pm

Awesome photos.
Rarely got to see DF's around Marton but would always look out for them when the family went to the Bay of Plenty for holidays.
Keep the photos coming!


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