There has not been a lot to report in recent times. Milk trains are slowly finishing for the season as milk volumes drop. 546 and 542 have both officially finished running for the season,  but there were problems with the Fonterra plant yesterday and all milk trains were cancelled, so I ran 529 (5097) down to palmy instead of 541 last night. 
 I got to Marton the same time as 229 (30111 + 30042 )and we both waited for a big 210 (30203 + 30134) to go north, which also had loaded OM's on the head,
 presume off to Te Rapa. It was a good time to get out for a leg stretch and give the two trunk trains a "roll by", and I must admit to getting a bit of a thrill watching the big 30's working hard starting their trains in the half light of  the Marton yard lights, the pans arcing away on the contact wire...

 (foamer LOL!!)

 I followed 229 into Palmy and ended up sitting behind it on the arrival for a while while a massive 520 (7186 + 4634 + 4438) pulled out.
 228 had also just arrived and there were trains going everywhere.

 The electric locos off 229 went straight onto 210, while I got cut off in the yard and went to the south end and over the flyover.

 229 diesels were on the front of their train (5402 + 1267 + 1200) and they had  pushed back to catch the incomming 229 tonnage and then pulled into the CT

 Lots of locos everywhere and train movements... if your around at midnight its  worth a watch IMHO...

 Not sure if the milkies are back running today. 

Some photos below taken over the last few days.

544 arriving on the main at Waitotara,
7008 zooms up the main at Whareroa with 528.
"sun on the nose!!.. sun on the nose!!..." not gonna happen here folks..
Finest puddle jumper in the land...
Through the looking fence...
Your butts as big as a bus!!
South Island interloper on 528.
Something from the archives. 542 through Patea on the 7th of November 2008.
4/4/2012 05:46:31 am

Nice shots yet again Andrew! I especially like the angles of the framed shot of 7267 and the amount of distinctive DF detail. Very very nice.

You didn't seem to be pleased with the lighting in the shot of 7267 and 7008? Depends how you look at it. To me it nicely shows of side details of both locos.

Strange to see clean snot-noses - still don't like them! Love the Shannon pic on the front page though.

And from your activity and observations it appears rail traffic is on the increase? Or have you just been where it's all been happening - right place right time? -SteveF


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