PictureDL introduction going well...
As some you may have guessed, I have become increasingly bored with railway photography and foaming in general, and I cant help but wonder if I have finally come to the end of a 30 year obsession???

The landscape of the local railway scene has changed dramatically, and the introduction of the DL class has taken all the fun out of foaming, with their hee-hawing homo horns, borg-like character and reliability typical of cheap imported Chinese junk.

Its hard to photograph something you dont like....

The humble DC has not yet been totally vanquished, and still provides a bit of character from time to time, and last night while at athletics with the kids, 521 cruised past with 4 on the point, 3 blue ones, looking and sounding fine in the late afternoon light!
We also still see DXB's on occasion, usually paired with a DL on milk trains, though the jungle drums tell me 5022 has headed south so I guess their days here are numbered too.
Its been a messy milk season thus far, with many trains coming to grief through the short comings of the DL's, and many "thunderbird" missions to retrieve said disabled trains. 
To be fair, when you get a DL that is working correctly, on dry rail, the power is outstanding, and man can they pull, BUT, there are so many things with them that could have been done a LOT better, their poor design, ergonomics and quality just turns them into cheap rubbish. They have a long way to go to get them right before I can comfortably call them worth of the title locomotive..
Initial excitement and curiosity about hi-tech new toys has given way to the morbid reality that we are now stuck with these things, probably for the rest of my railway career and that is just sad!
And so to my lack of enthusiasm??
I cant deny that my passion for foaming has diminished considerably, now to the point where I cant even be bothered taking the camera to work....
The cure? Who knows, but I am planning on enjoying the summer months with my family as much as possible, making time to go camping / tramping / fishing and all those other summer things people like to do. I will also be putting more energy into other hobbies, such as BMX racing, and motorsport, with active foaming well down the list.

I have seriously culled the amount of stuff I follow on Facebook, including the foamer groups - its just too hard some days to cut through all the crap and dribble and fighting, and all the nonesense comments when a photo gets posted - sorry - over it!

And, as I have run out of worthy things to talk about, I will leave you with a bunch of recent foamings and a farewell for now. I will leave the blog online to collect dust, but I cant see me updating it for the forseeable future....

I thank everyone for their time and input over the last 3 years.. 

11/4/2013 11:50:29 am

That sucks man, although i can see your logic. Shame the blog has to go along with all the other crap...

11/6/2013 06:37:30 pm

Nooooo! Please please keep posting on your blog!! Whilst I absolutely agree with everything you've mentioned about the DL's, especially their 'borg-like character etc', I really enjoy reading your blog and especially the amazing photos you take of freights rolling through the Taradise countryside and beyond....

In any case, your efforts sharing stories and photos over time have been very much appreciated, and blog updates always keenly anticipated! Hope to see more from you in the future :)

11/9/2013 04:02:45 am

Seconding the previous comment. That pic of 5114 leading is train shot of the day for me.
That nice one of the multicolored DCs would have won if the damn clouds hadn't done you over.
the in-cab experience visual is a bit frightening for younger readers....

Colin Boyd
11/13/2013 05:45:56 pm

Hi Andrew.
Sorry to hear how things have gone for you around the traps,Enjoy your summer with the Family etc,It will be sad to see/hear less on this blog,I have enjoyed the pic's & comments.Unfortunatly most of the stuff in this country seems to be that cheap poor quality Chinese rubbish now-we get what we pay for. Thanks Andrew.

Regards Colin

11/15/2013 01:54:27 pm

Sad to hear thats how youre feeling AH. I had noticed your absence from the social media forums, and theyre the poorer for that.

Im with the others, the DL's may be borg like but theres a great quality to the photos you take. And of course the DX's werent the machines theyve become when they were first introduced so hopefully the DL's do prove to be well and truely up to the job

11/17/2013 04:49:35 pm

Darn! I really liked this blog. Especially the 1990s shots. Maybe just go back to doing that? Please...

11/18/2013 06:34:05 am

Completely know what you mean about the Facebook groups, feeling much the same bout them and my own lack of photographic enthusiasm. Have a good summer, enjoy the break from it all and I would like to think the enthusiasm will come back - if not, its been great seeing your thoughts, ramblings and photos on here!

1/7/2014 01:13:49 pm

Thankyou Andrew for all your efforts in bringing us interesting gab and outstanding photography over the past coupla years. Really really appreciate it - especially since most of us don't have the ability to get out and see the things you have shown us. Will be sorely missed, and as I've always said again and again - I do appreciate your efforts in recording history. You are in a privileged position to be able to do so and in 20 years time we will have quality records of the passing of some of the best locos NZ has ever seen, and might well ever see. Thanks. SteveF

11/8/2016 04:59:02 am

Hello Andrew,
I have seen your excellent photos around on different sites from time to time and am most impressed by the clarity and quality of them.
May I request your permission to use some of them from time to time as I am admin on a friends FB page where I like to post a variety of Train pics from around the world. My favourites being Kiwi of course since I was formerly NZR so am slightly biased and like to keep the flag flying when I can.
Your photos would definitely be credited to you so there is no problem there.
Our page is not for profit and has a small group of regular followers from countries around the world.
Please let me know if this is acceptable to you Andrew.

Kindest Regards
John Richard Parkinson


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