2257 at New Plymouth mid 90's
You may have noticed a new set of menus in the menu bar called The Archive.
It is within these pages that I plan to share my collection of railway images. Its going to be a big project, and will probably take quite some time.

I plan to have thumbnail images linked to full sized scans / originals.

The images will be free for all to use in any way they like, as long as I get 10% of any profit made :-) 

5/19/2012 06:08:47 pm

Much appreciation in advance for all the time and hard work involved in producing yor archive section!

William R
5/20/2012 07:33:26 pm

I like how the first image i see in the new section happens to be 8007 in its former guise, complete with the cab i had been measuring up in a paddock that very same day!

Cheers for all the hard work AH, can be a very long process at times.

6/21/2012 04:52:32 pm

Sorry to read you were the LE involved in the level crossing accident. Hope youre well AH


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