Firstly, I must thank Ev for providing some intellectual stimulus for you all while I have been missing for the last two weeks.

When I am not driving trains I can often be found found moonlighting as a roadie come lighting technician at rock concerts, gigs and events around the region. Its something I have been doing for many years and if it paid any better I would seriously be considering a career change.

Tiki Tane on stage.
My mission for last week was to provide the background lighting for WOMAD and light up the WHOLE of Brooklands Park in New Plymouth.  There were 6 stages running during WOMAD, one of which I got to operate for the three nights of performances. In all I managed to work 89 1/2 hours in 7 days and lost 2 1/2 kg's just from the million miles of walking, working, sweating and everything else that goes with setting up something this big.
Some of the background lighting I designed / installed.
Another small part of the park I had to light.
But onto the trains....

Yesterday 5051 failed miserably on us at Whareroa and left me without a lead loco for 545, so we had to make a mad dash to Stratford to turn 5166 on the turntable.

And a first for Steel Ribbons, we have video footage of our return run to Whareroa, taken by an old school mate (thanks Nathan!) who chased us back.
We came back to Whareroa, picked up the disgraced 5051, and the tanks for 545, and I headed south into the wild blue yonder.
Turns out that because 545 was now uber late, a Palmy LE was dispatched into the same yonder and I got a crew change down the road at Kai Iwi, which sorta dashed any hopes of getting some pics at Palmy, or a progress report on the Castlecliff line. That said, I am down in Palmy everyday for the later half of next week running 545 so I should be able to get something then.


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